Monday, July 16, 2012

A little about me

Hello #lwsm group!

Introduce yourself to the class in an interesting way.  Teach us things about you that we couldn't learn googling, but that you wouldn't mind sharing.
Here's one un-googleable thing: I am a rated beach volleyball player in Southern California, which I'm pretty proud of since I only took up the sport a few years ago when I turned forty. I enjoy thoroughly immersing myself in a brand new learning experience - really obsessively getting inside of it.

What have you learned so far this summer?  
This weekend, I was watching a live stream of the CrossFit Games, a four-day finess tournament of extreme physical endurance involving weightlifting, gymnastics, and functional athletic movements. (I also train CrossFit.)

At some point, I realized that I wasn't watching to see which athlete performed the best but which athlete could withstand the most punishment and still finish. In other words, how much can you getted crushed by a workout and still push through? How do people learn to endure? How do you master a certain discipline to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead in that discipline? So I learned that a test of endurance is a way to learn something about yourself and your limits of unpleasantness.

What are you most looking forward to next year?  
I'm looking forward to being involved in two projects: organizing/teaching a TEDxWindward class and staying involved with the opening and operation of the Studio for Writing & Rhetoric at our school.

What are some big questions that you are thinking about professionally that could be answered (in full or in part) by social media? 
A big question I'm thinking about for the TED class is: how can I get my students to own it, to take the reins of the class and organize it, follow certain speakers on Twitter, contact others, etc. so that I can be serve more as a guide.


  1. Could you explain what TEDxWindward is? I'm unfamiliar with it. What I briefly read on when I googled it sounded interesting.

  2. Cross fit games--sounds serious! I'm inspired that you are great at something you started to focus on when you turned 40-- there is hope for my swimming career.

    Your comment about how much "crush" you can endure and still finish makes me think of high school for some kids. Thanks for the post and the enjoyable "coffee talk" on Tuesday.

  3. I am very interested in you Tedx class. I would love to see a syllabus. Have you seen the most recent NEW YORKER article about Ted talks? It's fascinating. Debunks a little of the great charm of the TED talks appearing spontaneous, but it cannot dull my love of them. Would love a list of your favorites since I have not watched enough of them. Also, I teach Creative Writing to seniors (a spring elective), and I am thinking of assigning a TED talk (they would write and produce their own). Ideas?

  4. Ditto to Papillon de nuit's comment about Ted talks; I'm just becoming aware of them through this course. And ditto to Emily's comment about becoming great at something after 40. My physical pursuits are evolving (as I blogged), but I'm not sure how, or just what my focus should be. I'd like to find an over-40 basketball league. But I think doing two marathons in my 20's gave me enough sense of how much I could endure. I don't need to try that test anymore.

    1. Thanks for the New Yorker article tip. I'm curious and will seek it out.

      After a couple of operations because of exercise injuries, I'm felt with yoga, pilates and strength training. I'm seriously thinking of learning to swim. My mantra has become "listen to your body."