Monday, July 16, 2012

A little about me

Hello #lwsm group!

Introduce yourself to the class in an interesting way.  Teach us things about you that we couldn't learn googling, but that you wouldn't mind sharing.
Here's one un-googleable thing: I am a rated beach volleyball player in Southern California, which I'm pretty proud of since I only took up the sport a few years ago when I turned forty. I enjoy thoroughly immersing myself in a brand new learning experience - really obsessively getting inside of it.

What have you learned so far this summer?  
This weekend, I was watching a live stream of the CrossFit Games, a four-day finess tournament of extreme physical endurance involving weightlifting, gymnastics, and functional athletic movements. (I also train CrossFit.)

At some point, I realized that I wasn't watching to see which athlete performed the best but which athlete could withstand the most punishment and still finish. In other words, how much can you getted crushed by a workout and still push through? How do people learn to endure? How do you master a certain discipline to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead in that discipline? So I learned that a test of endurance is a way to learn something about yourself and your limits of unpleasantness.

What are you most looking forward to next year?  
I'm looking forward to being involved in two projects: organizing/teaching a TEDxWindward class and staying involved with the opening and operation of the Studio for Writing & Rhetoric at our school.

What are some big questions that you are thinking about professionally that could be answered (in full or in part) by social media? 
A big question I'm thinking about for the TED class is: how can I get my students to own it, to take the reins of the class and organize it, follow certain speakers on Twitter, contact others, etc. so that I can be serve more as a guide.